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Via Monte Bianco, 91
ROME 00141
Fisc. Code and VAT 08993201006

We are a group made up by people who for generations have always been involved in theatre transport and have become expert and capable in the field.

We have simply put together the old tradition with the most modern means, by offering a service up to the expectations of the most expert customers in a rapid, punctual and professional way at competitive prices.

We cooperate, in fact, in the theatrical field with some of the most important bodies in Italy, such as: in Rome, the Mauri Sturno company, Teatro 3, Falk, Musica per Roma and the Cultural Association Teatro per la Comunità ; in Milan with the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, Teatro d'Europa and Teatro degli Incamminati; in Trieste with the Teatro Stabile of Friuli Venezia Giulia and with the Foundation Teatro Lirico "Giuseppe Verdi"; in Perugia with the Foundation Teatro Stabile of Umbria, in Genoa with the Teatro Stabile of Genoa; at Arezzo with the Neumann International.

      The services we can supply are:
Transport fot theatre tours in italy and abroad
Shipment all over the world (both by sea and by air)


Storing ( 1.500 mq )

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